Polyethylene films and tubes

Poly bag tubing is a flexible sleeve of polyethylene on a continuous roll open at both ends. It is the most economical and easiest way to package objects of the same width but different lengths.

 Features of Poly Bag Tubing and Poly Sheeting

Poly bag tubing is perfect for packaging long or oddly shaped items. Our poly tubing is manufactured and wound flat or gusseted on 3” cores. Because they come on a roll, it is easy to insert your products quickly and precisely. After inserting the products, all you have to do is cut to required length and close the other side by either heat sealing, taping, or even stapling the ends.

Poly sheeting is a general-purpose poly film that is ideal as a moisture barrier or drop cloth. Poly bag tubing can be used to make your own poly bags. Our poly sheeting is provided on continuous rolls of durable low-density polyethylene and provides protection from weather, dust and debris, or chemicals.

  • Economical and easiest way to package items
  • Comes wound on 3” cores
  • Can be heat sealed, taped, or stapled
  • Sheeting provides protection from weather, dust, and debris
  • Available in black to conceal contents
  • Many stock sizes and gauges available

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